Cancelation Policy

We value your time and ask that you value the Salon Onyx Team's time as well. If for some reason you are unable to make your appointment, please call the salon 24 hours in advance to cancel. If you are unable to honor this policy, a fee will be incurred and need to be paid at the time of your next appointment. This includes appointments that you have been asked to reschedule due to a 15-minute late arrival. If you miss an appointment, a no-show fee of 80% of the services booked will be incurred and need to be paid at the time of your next appointment.
Three or more cancellations or no-shows within a year will require you to make same-day appointments. We know life happens! We may waive these fees per the request of your stylist. The Front Desk is unable to waive fees without the permission of your stylist. 

Respecting Your Stylists' Time
Our stylists invest time and effort in preparing for each appointment. Last-minute cancellations or no-shows result in a significant loss of income for them, as the time could have been utilized to accommodate other clients.

Balancing Client Appointments
A cancellation policy helps us manage our schedules efficiently. With advance notice, we can attempt to fill the vacant slot, ensuring that our stylists maintain a steady flow of appointments and income.

Supporting Fair Compensation
Stylists are compensated based on the services they provide. Cancellations without adequate notice can affect their overall income, making it challenging to sustain a thriving salon environment and retain talented professionals.

Investing in Quality Service
By adhering to a cancellation policy, we can uphold our commitment to providing exceptional service. It allows us to maintain the quality and consistency our clients expect when they book an appointment with us.


Your satisfaction with your service is of most utmost concern. Should you be unhappy with your service for any reason please contact the salon with concerns.

An in-salon assessment of your hair will need to happen within 24-48 hours of the service, with the corrective service being performed within one week of the original service. If the result is not a match of the original consultation, we are more than happy to correct the situation at no additional cost to you. If it is determined that the results are as requested during the original consultation and service, and you are currently requesting a different result, additional service charges will apply. No refunds will be given. 

Product Returns

We are temporarily suspending all returns; unless the bottle is defective. In the case that the bottle is defective, an exchange will be given. 

You may reach us by email by contacting our salon owner at or you may call

952-892-6613 during normal business hours.

At Salon Onyx, we strive to create a welcoming atmosphere with a team of creative and well-educated professionals. Collaborating seamlessly with our clients, our goal is to achieve exceptional results together.